Gather With Hundreds Of
Kingdom Entrepreneurs 
From All Over The World 
March 28-30th 2019 
in Dallas, Texas
You Could Literally Be One Kingdom Key Away From The Financial Success and Breakthrough You Desire 
We Will Show You How To Unlock Favor and Provision At the 100X Kingdom Entrepreneurship Acceleration Conference!
Your Speakers
Pedro Adao
Pedro is The Founder of The 100X Academy, a ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Winner, Best Selling Author, Highly Regarded Financial Professional and Founder of Fortress Financial.
Lance Wallnau
Lance Is A Prophetic Consultant and Trainer To Some Of The World's Most Influential Business and Government Leaders, and Founder of The Lance Learning Group.

Lance is the innovator who introduced the “Seven Mountains of Culture” as a fresh template to explain how the church must engage culture at the turn of the century.
Dr. Caroline Leaf Has Just Been Added To 100X Conference 
Dan McCollam
Dano is a World Renowned Prophetic Trainer, Founder of Sounds of the Nations,  Author of God Vibrations.
Will Hart
Will Hart Is The CEO of Iris Global, the World Wide Non-Profit Founded by Heidi and Rolland Baker.
Keith Ferrante
Keith Ferrante Is the Founder of Emerging Prophets, a Global Prophetic Community Where Prophetic People Have The Opportunity To Go From The Calling To The Office of A Prophet.  
Do you want to learn the Kingdom principles and see the exact step-by-step approach I took to earn well over $1,000,000 in under 1 year?
Want to Know The #1 Most Important Business Strategy I Learned From Being With Heidi Baker That Has Allowed Me To Experience Crazy Levels of Favor?
Would you be interested to know the best advice I got from Gary Vaynerchuk, The #1 Expert On Social Media Branding?
In This 3-Day Action Packed Event...Here is What You Can Expect To Learn:  
How To Prosper as a Legit Kingdom Entrepreneur
  •  Discover What It Means To Actually Be A Legit Kingdom Entrepreneur and How This Is Very Different Than Being A Christian Business Person.
Supernatural Productivity
  • Kingdom Mysteries For How To Get More Done In Less Time With Dan McCollam 
Massive Clarity of Your Calling
  •  Finally Get Clear About The Specific People You Are Uniquely Qualified To Serve Right Now.
How To Create An Irresistible Offer 
  •  Learn a Step-By-Step Process For Creating An Offer That Your Ideal Clients Are Already Needing and Wanting to Pay You For. 
Sharing Your Message With Your World
  •  Learn How to Craft a Powerful Message and Identify The Most Important Platforms For Broadcasting That Message To Your Ideal Clients. 
How to Create Massive Value And Get Paid What You're Really Worth 
  • Identify the ideal sales funnels and process for turning prospects into paying highly-satisfied clients.
The Kingdom Entrepreneur's 
Secret Weapon
  • A Healthy Prophet - The Secret Weapon of Every Kingdom Entrepreneur - Keith Ferrante 
Entrepreneurs In Vocational Ministry
  •  How To Operate as an Entrepreneur in Vocational Ministry - Will Hart
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